Restaurant Management Reporting System

PC-Host Systems has been developing management reporting systems since 1970. In the early years, the company provided computer services as a service bureau. In the mid-1980s, the emphasis was shifted to the development of on-site reporting and accounting functions.

The Host2000 package consists of modules for General Ledger with Financial Statements, Accounts Payable, Daily Sales and Inventory. The system is menu-driven allowing the user to move between modules and then select desired processing function.

Pro-Forma input sheets facilitate input of payroll data from external payroll processing. Additional sheets can be created for recurring and routine month-end transactions.

Numerous Multi-Period and Multi-Year reports are available. Budget reports can be created for comparitive purposes. Meaningful performance PC's with up to 7 income/cost centers. (Food, Wine, Liquor, etc with separate percentage calculations) are an important feature of the Host2000 system. The Chart-of-Accounts function permits user to define & control report formatting.

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